“Over and Over” by Eros and the Eschaton | Love Drunk Video

In Love Drunk's 119th session, Greensboro, N.C., band Eros and the Eschaton plays "Over and Over," in an alley behind DP Muller Photography in Omaha's Benson neighborhood.

The song is off the band's debut album, Home Address For Civil War, released in August on Bar/None Records.

"We've been on the road since the beginning of September, first as a four-piece band, then began touring as a two-piece in the beginning of October," said frontwoman Kate Perdoni. "We will be touring our way around the country 'til Thanksgiving."

That makes three months on the road for Perdoni, bandmate/soulmate Adam Hawkins, their son, Lio, and dog, Chamero.

Perdoni and Hawkins were part of two previous Love Drunk sessions: #24 in Avoca, Neb., and #86 in Greensboro.

The band is performing at the CMJ festival in New York City on Friday, and return to Nebraska to share the bill with Tim Kasher at new Lincoln, Neb., venue and hot dog mecca, Vega, on Nov. 17.

You can follow the band on their wonderfully-written tour blog here.

Note: The new Love Drunk logo was designed by freelance designer Andrea Blankenship-Walters, and animated by Archrival editor Kelly Herrington.

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* performed on Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013