“Opening Night” by Tim Kasher | Love Drunk Video

by Andrew Norman

Jars of screen-printing ink — rebel flesh, russell cardinal, deacon blue, panther pink — line a shelf inside Ink Tank Merch at 89th and H in Omaha, which provides shelter from a scorcher on Sunday, July 31. Standing on the rainbow-splattered floor in front of them is Tim Kasher, the man responsible for Cursive and The Good Life — undoubtedly among the state's most critically successful exports.

He's Willa Cather with a Telecaster.

Kasher and his bands have helped Omaha earn its reputation as a world-class producer of musical talent, a place that fosters the community from which this art derives.

It's an underdog city whose true value can't be seen from the inside. You have to leave to realize why it's so attractive to return. Kasher did this, moving to L.A., then to Montana to find inspiration and produce his art. Now he's back home — when he's not on the road — supporting his first solo album, The Game of Monogamy and a new seven-song EP, Bigamy: More Songs from the Monogamy Sessions.   

As his friends add a final splash of color to posters promoting his Sept. 10 show at the Waiting Room Lounge, the 37-year-old exposes his guts — which are long from being shy — in a song about aging as a musician. Seven Love Drunk cameramen — perching, squatting, dodging obstacles — catch it all.

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audio recorded by Matt Hovanec (Plan C Recording)
audio mixed by Hovanec and Django G-S
video directed/edited by Django G-S
jj dreier
django g-s
brendan greene-walsh
daniel muller
andrew norman
andrew roger
ben semisch
* photo by Daniel Muller. See more from the shoot here.

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