“Opener” by Noah’s Ark Was a Spaceship | Love Drunk video

by Django G-S

Noah's Ark Was a Spaceship performs "Opener" in the basement of Daniel Muller's downtown Benson photography studio.

NAWAS will release their debut full-length record at The Waiting Room on Friday, Feb. 25.

Also on the bill are Ideal CleanersThe Answer Team and The Yuppies. Here's the Facebook event invite.

audio.video.live.one take

audio recorded by cole voss & django g-s
audio mixed by mark mcgowan at Suitcase Recordings
video edited by django g-s

daniel muller
kevin mcgowan
brendan greene-walsh
andrew roger
django g-s

* performed on Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011


Love Drunk

Here's a time-lapse video of the entire shoot, by Brendan Greene-Walsh

Noah's Ark Was a Spaceship PROMO VIDEO