UUVVWWZ at Lincoln Exposed-150x150

“Open Sign” by UUVVWWZ | Song Premiere

photo by Michael Todd

Lincoln's UUVVWWZ tumbles twitching into the trusted language.

"Open Sign," the first song premiered from the band's forthcoming second album presents a tightly wound four-piece that moves as one toward an acerbic accelerando that closes this sonic attack.

"Our song 'Open Sign' comes from the constricted frustration of being hustled through city streets that are mediated by signs that say 'OPEN' but mean only 'For Business,'" UUVVWWZ's lead singer Teal Gardner tells Rolling Stone, which premiered the song this morning. "It is about looking for and finding a way to be open and exuberant under conditions that make no space for such wildness."

As guitarist Jim Schroeder, bassist Dustin Wilbourn and percussionist Dave Ozinga also aurally attested last Thursday night at The Bourbon, UUVVWWZ connects with an audience that tremors in time with the structure that spins toward the end.

Saddle Creek releases the trusted language on Feb. 5. Preorder the album on the Omaha record label's website.

Download "Open Sign" here.