“October Sweet” by adamroberthauG | Song Premiere

This is a love story. It is laid on a bed of mellow, delicate beats and blanketed with soothing vocals. This is how it happened.

"A guy I met in an art history class at UNO, Adam Roberts, has a small recording studio a couple blocks from campus," says songwriter Adam Robert Haug, who goes by adamroberthauG and aka Haunted Gauntlet. "I had been meaning to check out his studio and do some graphic design work for his company, Cornelius B. Productions."

"I set up a recording session with him on Oct. 11 in hopes that I could have a finished song by the 14 to give as an anniversary gift. I wrote the lyrics and had a loose idea of the chords I wanted to use, and he (Roberts) recorded a quick sketch demo on the 11th of me just singing and playing an acoustic." Within a day, the beat was written, the guitars were recorded, percussions were added and vocals were cut.

"October Sweet," written and recorded by Haug and co-produced by Cornelius B. Productions in a matter of two days is an anthem to fall, falling in love and loving Halloween. Hear an autumnal Nebraska:

Kelsey Hutchinson is a Hear Nebraska intern. She enjoyed this song so much, she listened to it on repeat for 20 minutes. Reach her at kelseyhutch@hearnebraska.org.