“Oceans” by Burning Down The Villager | Video Feature

video and words by Cam Penner

In the first few seconds of "Oceans," Burning Down The Villager seems to be starting an engine and pushing it to its limits.

But the key was turned long ago. This Lincoln band began in 2010 when brothers Grady and Will McGuire started writing music. When they picked up drummer Vince Ruhl and bassist Matt Cornell, they began forming a few characteristic sonic qualities.

"We all really attack our instruments. We like to use a lot of dynamics," Grady McGuire says. "We get loud then bring it down and hit you with something louder."

"Oceans" will be featured on their debut album, which will be released in the summer by Tremulant Records. The album is also being mixed by Tremulant Records' founder, Eric Medley. The band originally planned to finish recording the album by the end of January, but unforeseen problems made for a few bumps in the road.

"The first time I tracked drums, a mic wasn't working properly," Ruhl says. "The second weekend, I was sick and I couldn't stand the fact that those drums were going to go on the album. So a third time I came in and tracked drums for the whole album."

"It's taking a while, but we want it to sound perfect," Grady McGuire says.

They're recording with Chris Steffen at StudioPH in Lincoln, where Ruhl works as an engineer. Studio PH also serves as Burning Down The Villager's practice space, which allows them to play until the early hours of the morning without getting a noise complaint.

Watch the fruits of their labor, the song "Oceans" recorded live:

"Oceans" by Burning Down The Villager from Hear Nebraska on Vimeo.

Cam Penner is a Hear Nebraska intern. Filming this song was equivalent to going to a personal concert. Reach him at camp@hearnebraska.org.