Nerdtron & Future Event Dandies | DJDD

by Brent Crampton

I'm making this week's column a quick one, so keep up.

Panos Releases Single

Local producer don Panos put out a glistening disco house track on a Nightshade Music EP. Buy it on Beatport and preview below …

Sun Ray Disco by panos

Nerdtron Retrospect

On Friday, March 25, Nerdtron & Re:Animated Productions teamed up for a two-room duo at Sokol Underground via the theme of Tranceformers. I heard positive things about the party, but more importantly, I keep hearing how the Nerdtron events are creating and sustaining a new pool of people. In fact, Chris Massara, aka Masaris, mentioned it reminded him of an old-school raver scene — the kind you might see in Denver. And with pictures of kids wearing candy like the one below, I'd save "rave" is a safe word to use. 

When sub-cultures in Omaha's EDM scene come about, it's a sign that the scene is growing. Matt Warburton grabbed photos. Check them all here.

Future Events

Exhale / March 31 / O Dining

O Dining in the Old Market is in the process of getting together a full-on night club atmosphere together alongside their dinner thing. Exhale is a nightlife industry party that'll be on a monthly basis. Kobrakyle is DJing alongside HN artist Kaitlyn Maria Filippini, who's been doing quite a bit of live-violin-DJ collaboration lately.

Aaron Lee, Myth, Natron, Zak C / April 1 / Bar 415

Lots of old-school love going into this night. If you're interested in who was rocking the dance floors during Omaha's rave scene/post-rave era, then you'd do yourself well to come to this. Many old-school heads will be out.

Omaha First Friday Wrap-up / April 1 / Nomad Lounge

You'll find me DJing at Nomad.


(photo by Matt Warburton)

Nerdtron Dance Party: NERDS gone Wild / April 1 / The Diamond

I'm really interested to hear how this one goes. I'm especially interested in this new venue. This party is a one-portion event aligned with the three-day Fashion in Detritus Art & Fashion Show by a new crew calling themselves EVENTgelical Productions. Not sure what to expect with this one, so check out the info here.

LOUD w/Sonic C / April 2 / Nomad Lounge

Saturday Masaris brings his LOUD party concept to Nomad Lounge with Sonic C from Dim Mak records — the label started by Steve Aoki. With a backing like Aoki, you know the kids got some electro bangers up his sleeve that will have the dance floor raging with sweaty fist pumping.

loom Weaves Master Kev / April 9 / España

I'll be celebrating my birthday at this loom by bringing in one of my favorite East Coast deep house DJs, Master Kev.


(photo by Matt Warburton)

Throwdown at The Slowdown / April 9

J-Wreck, formerly of Ultimate Downhill Machines, is holding a massive going away party. He's piled together some superb DJs to do a versus themed clash, including J-Wreck, Mello Mic, Spence, Kobrakyle & Enso.

loom Weaves Cinco De Mayo
/ May 5 / España

Cinco De Mayo in loom celebration style.

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