Nebraska Pop Festival Sets Dates | Partial Lineup Announcement

photo of Hindershot at the Side Door Lounge as part of the 2011 Nebraska Pop Festival

[Editor's note: In interest of full transparency, Michael Todd is helping promote the Nebraska Pop Festival by designing a set of posters. He will also play a set as part of the festival.]

The Nebraska Pop Festival is finding a place for its long list of performers. Each of the three pre-festival shows now feature full lineups, and more information about the actual festival dates — July 10-July 15 — will be released soon. Here are the pre-festival shows:

June 2 at Side Door Lounge, 3530 Leavenworth St. in Omaha
Start time 7:30 p.m.
Cost $7 per patron
Bands/artists scheduled to perform: Appropriate Grammar, Sedges Have Edges, Panda Circus, The Golden Hour, Life In Prism, L. Eugene Methe.

June 29 at Shamrock's Pub and Grill, 5338 N. 103rd St. in Omaha
Start time 7:30 p.m.
Cost $5 per patron
Bands/artists scheduled to perform: Ragged Company, Antennas Up, Lazy, Pharmacy Spirits, Mint Wad Willy, The Running Mates.

July 6 at Chrome Lounge, 8552 Park Drive in Omaha
Start time 7:30 p.m.
Cost $7 per patron
Bands/artists scheduled to perform: The Calumet Reel, Guilty Is The Bear, Generals, Celeritas, Flying Kards, All These Runners.

photo by Clay Lomneth for The Gateway

The festival itself will take place July 10 through July 15. Admission price for each show/night during the Nebraska Pop Festival will be $7 with all proceeds going to benefit Arts For All, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Festival organizer Christopher Beiermann is also curating a mixtape with songs from performers. These bands will be scheduled, if not already set for a pre-festival show, and more will be announced in a few weeks:

Nebraska bands to play festival and pre-festival shows:

Zach Short, Mint Wad Willy, Flying Kards, The Running Mates, Guilty Is The Bear, Pharmacy Spirits, Ragged Company, No Triangles, Classes, Elijah Jett, L. Eugene Methe, Celeritas, Gamma Goat, The Restless Things, Life In Prism, Field Club, Howard, Dead Leaves, Well Aimed Arrows, The Golden Hour, Brutal Pheasant, Miss Fick, Island Alumni, Danny Sabra & Friends and more to be announced.

Out-of-state and international bands to play:

Electric Needle Room (Kansas)
The Anatomy of Frank (Virginia)
Sami.The.Great (New York)
Br'er (Pennsylvania)
Gilbe (Iowa)
Markus and the Diversion Sessions (Iceland)
Le-Li (Italy)
Sad Navigator (Missouri)
All These Runners (Wisconsin)
Generals (Kansas)
Ida Jo (Wisconsin)
Seedlings (Iowa)
Animals In Human Attire (Wisconsin)
Saara Norris (Finland/Germany)
Think Like Computers (Missouri)
Lazy (Missouri)
Matty Cries (Washington)
Antennas Up (Missouri)
Croaker (Wisconsin)
Chasing Shade (Iowa)
The Tinycakes (Illinois)
Tony Memmel (Wisconsin)
Claire and the Crowded Stage (Missouri)
Citizen Genet (New York)
The Calumet Reel (Indiana)
Laura K Balke (Indiana)
Saara Markkanen (Germany/Finland)
Appropriate Grammar (Missouri)
Sedges Have Edges (Colorado)
Panda Circus (Kansas)
and more to be announced.

Michael Todd is Hear Nebraska's managing editor. He will like any band named Appropriate Grammar. Reach him at