“Ms. Hospital Corners” by The Envy Corps | Love Drunk Video

by Django G-S

The Envy Corps (Des Moines/Omaha) perform "Ms. Hospital Corners" at The Nebraska Medical Center helipad, in Omaha in this live, one-take Love Drunk music video.

The track is on the band's 2011 self-released record, It Culls You.

A great deal of gratitude is due to Nebraska Medical Center Senior Media Relations Coordinator Paul Baltes for arranging for the location and hanging around for several hours during the shoot.

Watch the video here:

audio.video.live.one take

audio recorded/mixed by matt hovanec (plan c recording)
video directed/edited by django g-s

greg edds
matt hovanec
django g-s
daniel muller
ben semisch
john treinen
seth warrick

* performed on Sunday, August 28, 2011