“Looking Alive” by Brian Wheat | Love Drunk Video

by Andrew Norman

It's fitting, Buffalo singer/songwriter Brian Wheat performing a song about "leaving" in the abandoned Buffalo Central Terminal — near its original, 17-story clock tower — on day 12 of the 2011 Love Drunk Video Tour. The space once handled more than 200 passenger trains each day after opening in 1929, but it's been empty of commuters since 1979. However, a group called Friends of the Buffalo Central Terminal are working to restore the giant building, with its art deco structure, and turn the space into a regular venue for public events. Watch Wheat's performace below.

audio.video.live.one take
audio recorded/mixed by Django Greenblatt-Seay
video edited by Django G-S
Andrew Roger
Angie Norman
Andrew Norman
Django G-S
* performed on Monday, May 9, 2011