“It’s Summer Now” by Capgun Coup | Love Drunk Video

by Django G-S

Team Love Records band Capgun Coup dodged beer bottles, tree-swingers and shitty guitars on their way through new song "It's Summer Now" in their midtown Omaha backyard June 19.

In light of the wave of "that'll do" guitar tone and the laziness in Sam Martin's "who gives a shit" vocals," the evening was, indeed, a fucking coup.

Was that guy planking in the middle of the dance party? Were those other two dudes making out? Who cares?

It's a very Capgun Coup summer.

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audio recorded/mixed/mastered by Django G-S
video edited by Django G-S

nate gasaway
django g-s
daniel muller
andrew roger

* performed on Sunday, June 19, 2011