“Heckling Fish” | Suggested Drawings

by Ben Swift

Hi, I'm Ben and I like to make art. I call this series "Suggested Drawings," and the point of it is to try to draw all the things people suggest. A simple project, but sometimes tricky.

I hope you enjoy the drawings and please suggest a Nebraska-music-related idea. I may try to draw it.

This first drawing is called "Heckling Fish" — it's based on the classic "Play Freebird" request yelled mercilessly at a band at Duffy's during the Hear Nebraska launch party Feb. 6. (The heckler declined the band's offer to play "Freebird" himself.) 

Ben Swift is a multidisciplinary artist from Lincoln who counts drawing, painting and screen-printing among his visual art repertoire. He also plays drums in the Killigans, and founded the Eyeskull Sticker Campaign. Visit benswift.com.