Gloworm releases ‘Home’ LP | Under the Radar

by Jordan Minnick

If I could gather some turning points in Lincoln musician Joe Younglove’s life, they would include the following: breaking up with his fiancée, quitting a full-time job and moving in next door to basement-studio-busy-bee Logan Young.
Younglove’s ex-fiancée left him a drum set a year and a half ago and he hasn’t put the sticks down yet. Quitting that business casual-attire job freed up time for his music projects: Gloworm, Melting Elephants and Time Hammer (among others). And Young? He’s now Younglove’s guitarist/bandmate in Gloworm along with singers Marisa Kibbie (keys) and Jenny Chambers (bass).
The four of them chatting with me on Young’s back deck in less-than-ritzy south Lincoln, catching a little spring breeze, they recall that time.
“I would see these three get together for practice every week and get kind of jealous,” Younglove says. “Like, ‘I bet they’re making really great music.’”
“And then we said, ‘Joe! Come play with us!,’” Kibbie says.
That was more than a year ago. Now, Gloworm has its first album finished. At 12 tracks, Home is an in-house product of Young’s recording moniker Logjam Records. Their music is something I’d describe as twisted chill pop with a groove. See for yourself at their show 9 p.m. tonight (April 28) at the Zoo Bar with Pastel Pistol and Fierce Bad Rabbit (Ft. Collins). 
Stream Gloworm’s full album Home here.

Logjam Records’ label roster also includes The Karma Logs and Bunny Spleens, Young’s older projects, as well as his solo work, Log Rhythm.
At 27, Young’s been recording and writing music since age 19 when he learned to make beats and play bass, keys and guitar. He says his technical support job at the Apple software company MacPractice helps to afford his music equipment in his basement studio where the band records and practices.
When I ask about the Gloworm music-creation process, Chambers jokes that step one is “Wait for Logan [Young] to come up with something,” usually a guitar part.
Young can feel the flattery but admits, “I’m not good at getting music out. And Joe [Younglove] is terrific at it.”Home album art, by Gloworm bassist Jenny Chambers
As resident booking agent for Lincoln’s Cultiva Cafe on 11th and G, it’s in his nature. The band will tell you it’s thanks to Younglove booking their release show, this past March 22, that they got their butts in gear to finish an album they’d been recording over a year’s duration. 
And with Home up and available on the web (get it here at their Bandcamp page) and at shows for $5, Kibbie says the writing process really never stopped. New material awaits Young’s mixing magic. And the band hopes to release an EP this summer.
Younglove’s quote-unquote rockstar life may have enough turning points to leave you dizzy, but it’s Kibbie that's on the Tilt-a-Whirl next as she prepares to move to Connecticut in the coming months for her boyfriend’s job offer. The band says they're focusing on their upcoming shows and taking it as it comes. 
“We’ll never say it’s over,” Younglove says. “It’ll just be maybe little stretches of activity.”
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