“Glimpse” by HERS | Video Premiere

After four years of patience, the music video “Glimpse” by HERS is finally ready for an audience. “Glimpse” comes from the band’s last album, Morning, and captures what HERS (formerly Honeybee & Hers) used to sound like.

With a new album in the works, leading lady, Melissa Amstutz asserts that the style of the band is evolving. Rooted in pop with vocal elements, the band is making slight adjustments as they prepare for their next album Youth Revisted, said to be released this summer.

Amstutz asserted that the new album “uses more electric guitars, more distortion and louder drums.”

Amstutz has switched from acoustic to electric guitar and from keyboard to organ. Adding more aggressive aspects in their music, Amstutz says, could be part of a subconscious effort to wipe clean her memory of a friend telling her that her voice “sounded like a baby,” which she said is less accurate in the latest album.

The concept for some of the songs in Youth Revisited were conceptualized when Amstutz reverted to a teenage fettle in the midst of new love. Pubescent emotion fueled many of the tracks from the album, such as “innocence, guilt, betrayal, love, lust, rebellion, anger, freedom, curiosity, growth, exploration, etc.,” Amstutz said.

“Glimpse” is a peek into the past HERS style. The video artistically weaves together two juxtaposed storylines. One of kids adventuring in the wilderness, banding together and frolicking and another that ends with Amstutz soaked in a frigid lake in late fall.

It’s been a long time coming, and four years later, we’re happy to premiere HERS music video, “Glimpse.” Watch it here:

Glimpse from Lindsay Trapnell on Vimeo.

Produced, directed and edited by Lindsay Trapnell with help from Ben Drickey.

Starring some kids found on Craigslist, the tots of family friends and, naturally, Melissa Amstutz.

Ingrid Holmquist is a Hear Nebraska intern. She thinks there’s nothing wrong with sounding like a singing baby and misses elementary school field trips. Reach her at ingridh@hearnebraska.org.