Fresher Ink | Showcase Preview

by Jim Tobey

It's been a decade since Fresh Ink first started their adventures in the local music scene in Lincoln, and after a six-year hiatus they make their official return Sunday, Dec. 11, with a showcase of their new lineup at Duffy’s Tavern.
The group formed in 2001 when the founding members were teenagers at Pound Middle School.  The tight-knit group of friends included Joshua Camden, Chris Bowling, Evan Anderson and Charlie Stanard, pooling their assorted instrumental and vocal talents, as well as technical savvy and passion for music. In four years, they pumped out eight albums worth of music.
Fresh Ink assembled a sharp portfolio, working with artists from Lincoln and Omaha that included 2.9 Seconds, Held Up By Stars, Stop At Line, Random Hero, The Castoffs, Miles Project, CHE and Nothing Sacred. Some projects became full-length albums, others were crafted into smaller undertakings. Contributions made by these bands and other accomplished artists made for a deep roster on the label’s compilations.
All of that lies in the past. Here we are, those six years later, and Fresh Ink is back at it. They survived the inevitable splitting up that comes with the completion of high school. Adding a pair of new faces behind the scenes, they have assembled an exciting list of artists from Lincoln with projects due out in 2012. Stop At Line and Chris Bowling return to the label to make more music, and the newcomers include Cool It, Action!, Thrift Store Clerks, Paper Seahorse and Alex Walker.
Walker is currently at work in the studio putting together his first album, coupling his compelling vocals with his knack for songwriting. Joining him on the label’s Spring 2012 hopeful releases is singer-songwriter John Ralston, formerly of Vagrant Records, a full length from Chris Bowling and an EP from Paper Seahorse. Ralston is currently recording Sea Garden Blues I & II, his fourth solo release, putting a prospective vinyl release on the calendar for Fresh Ink.
To end 2011, Fresh Ink is piecing together a sampler that they will have available at Sunday's showcase. For an evening of local music and to pick up the sampler, refer to the details below.
Location: Duffy’s Tavern (1412 O St., Lincoln)
Date: December 11, 2011
Time: 9:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Lineup: Cool It, Action!, Thrift Store Clerks, Alex Walker, Chris Bowling, Paper Seahorse
Admission: Age 18-20, $5 cover
Age 21+, free will donation
*All who pay a cover or donate will receive a free sampler (quantity permitting)
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