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“Drinkin’ Boots” by Rock Paper Dynamite | Song Download

words by Meagan Jungman | photos by Bridget McQuillan

This Saturday, Omaha natives Rock Paper Dynamite will release a self-titled EP of Midwestern southern rock. To preview the record, stream or download EP’s single, “Drinkin’ Boots,” below.

“[Drinkin’ Boots] is a fun, energetic and very dance-able rock tune with a twist of country flavor” says vocalist Joseph Janousek. “We wrote the song while on a short writing stint in Charleston, S.C. It's about having a good time, drinking and dancing the night away. Inspiration came from the nights that we've had as a band and some of the situations we have found ourselves in on those nights.”

“Drinkin’ Boots” represents RPD's in-your-face, hips-shaking sound well, but Janousek and his bandmates know that upbeat music alone isn’t enough to fill venues. For the past several weeks, they’ve been doing their best to drum up anticipation for the release.

Interestingly, while they’ve done their fair share of interviews, Janousek insists that the best PR they’ve received has been through social media.

“People passing on the word on social media gets the most attention these days,” he says. “Everyone is tied into it and tied to us in one way or another.”

Rock Paper Dynamite is hosting the EP release party this Saturday, Jan. 19 at The Waiting Room. They will be accompanied by Voodoo Method, The Decatures and The Big Deep. Cover is $7 at the door, and the concert begins at 9 p.m. Janousek added it was worth knowing that RPD drummer, Scott Zrust, “happens to be a chef, so like we did last year we are having free BBQ sandwiches.”

The EP will be released later online via iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon and Spotify. Until then, download and dance around to “Drinkin’ Boots."

Meagan Jungman is a Hear Nebraska contributor. Even though she can't dance very well, she might the awkward white girl shuffle at the RPD show. Reach her at