“Coffee, Coffee, Coffee” by Greenblatt & Seay | Love Drunk video

by Django G-S

Greenblatt & Seay have been performing together since the late-70s. The husband and wife team perform, give music lessons and run a ma and pop publishing business out of their home — an old two-story, blond brick school building in Avoca, Neb.

Big thanks to the Bitker family at Ones Portrait & Design for the location.

audio.video.live.one take

audio recorded/mixed by django greenblatt-seay
video edited by django greenblatt-seay

andrew roger
andy norman
django greenblatt-seay

coffee drinkers:
max holmquist
hilary stohs-krause
collin pietz
angie roark-norman
andy norman

* performed on Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011

Words and Music Copyright 1999 by Greenblatt & Seay
Lyrics by David Seay
Melody by Deborah Greenblatt