“Babes” by Icky Blossoms | Music Video

photos by Jeremy Osbern and Misti Boland

If only life were in slow-motion. Maybe then we'd all learn the truth: We're all killah babes.

Until then, Icky Blossoms can transport one to a world of luscious lips, black-and-white groovin' and brainwash-worthy text. This is the good kind of mind control, though, as the Omaha band is just trying to capture the laws of motion.

Director of photography Jeremy Osbern shot the video with his Red Epic camera, which is the same one Peter Jackson using to shoot The Hobbit. Osbern says, "Anytime you have glitter flying on a video shoot, it's a good thing." When asked if that happens often, he replies, "Not enough."

Band members Nik Fackler and Derek Pressnall directed the video. Fackler says they invited about 20 dancers, professional and amateur, to the set. Follow along, and get your own groove on.

directed by Icky Blossoms
from their forthcoming self-titled debut album out 7/17/12
director of photography: Jeremy Osbern
produced by: Patty Dillon and Nik Fackler
production design: Derek Pressnall and Misti Boland
wardrobe: Mark Steffen and Nicholas Wasserberger (The Church of Tomorrow)

twitter: @ickyblossoms

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