“All the Bad in One Place” by Arrah and the Ferns | Love Drunk Video

by Andrew Norman

A rooftop in Olde Kensington in North Philadelphia set the scene for day five (of 15) on Love Drunk's 2011 tour, featuring indie-country-pop band Arrah and the Ferns. That meant lugging recording equipment up two flights of stairs, but the view of the Philly skyline was well worth the haul. The building — an old warehouse — holds a DIY music venue and art space called The Ox. For about two years, The Ox hosted local and national bands like Arrah and the Ferns, Elf Power, Ink and Dagger, Lightning Bolt and Ted Leo & the Pharmacists before neighbors' complaints forced the police to shut down the shows. 

But no one stopped Love Drunk, nor Arrah Fisher and her Ferns, who played the song "All the Bad in One Place" — the titular track from their newest record. Watch it here.

photo by Daniel Muller
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audio recorded/mixed by Django G-S
video edited by Django G-S
Andrew Norman
Angie Norman
Andrew Roger
Daniel Muller
Django G-S
* performed on Tuesday, May 3, 2011