Aetherplough’s Fifth Annual Anti-Caroling Performance | Video Feature

photo courtesy of Aetherplough

If you were in the Old Market last Saturday, you probably heard some carolers. You probably noticed these carolers sounded different from all the others, yet strangely familiar.

If you listened closely, you then noticed that, while they sang like carolers and you heard bits and pieces of Christmas carols, you also heard… the Indigo Girls?

If this was you on Saturday night, then you caught Aetherplough's annual "Anti-Caroling performance." Aetherplough is a local performance art troupe based in Omaha. Five years ago, they started with a few people infusing modern pop/folk songs into traditional Christmas caroling in Omaha's Old Market. Now their anti-carolers number a few dozen. 

Aetherplough's Thomas Sibbit took a few minutes to talk to Hear Nebraska during their last rehearsal a few hours before the show. Here is the video interview:

video by Chris Machian, Rob Williams and Mike Machian

Mike Machian is a Hear Nebraska contributor who caught mommy kissing Santa. That's why mommy and daddy don't live together anymore.