“Abre Los Ojos Mini Mix” by Dojorok | DJ Mix Premiere

This is not the captain speaking. Your flight is scheduled to depart in a matter of seconds, just as soon as you click the play button below. Your exit is clearly marked, but only in cases of emergency should you need to push pause.

Dojorok has delineated the journey, which begins in his own foggy opening of "Lunch Break." Low strings play the ominous beginning of an escape, this red-eye trip calling on co-pilots Micachu, Sufjan Stevens, Prefuse 73, Hudson Mohawke and others. Juan Manuel Chaparro, as the DJ is known in the real world, will take you past cool jazz trumpet, chill vocal fragments, disorienting bass that pulls the rest of the sound toward it. And that's only the first third of the mix. "Abre Los Ojos" is a piece of curated artwork, weaving 12 tracks together over 31 minutes, meaning to, yes, open your eyes.

Listen as the artist associated with Make Believe flies his electronic aircraft. Dojorok will also play as part of the Make Believe Records Showcase next Saturday, Nov. 17 at The Waiting Room. True to his Midtown Marauders and their name's homage to the Tribe Called Quest album Midnight Marauders, "Abre Los Ojos" starts and ends with a bit of explanation of the itinerary. Let the steward and stewardess show you the way, and enjoy the flight:

"Lunch Break" by Dojorok
"Paths In Soft Focus (Daedelus Wishes You The Best Remix)" by Savath y Savalas
"All Inside" by Bondax
"Turn Me Well (Raja Remix)" by Micachu
"Let Me Love You (Lapalux Remix)" by Mario
"Worship Stone" by Raja
"Sugar Pie" by Peon
"All For Myself (InfinitiRock Remix)" by Sufjan Stevens
"Bad Memory Interlude" by Prefuse 73
"Another Girl" by Jacques Greene
"Get Close To Me (Featuring Angelina Lucero)" by LOL Boys
"Furnace Loop" by Hudson Mohawke

Michael Todd is Hear Nebraska's managing editor. He'll play you one of the silliest renditions of "Buggin' Out" you'll ever hear. Reach him at michaeltodd@hearnebraska.org.