“The Abominable Abdominal Snowman Pts. I & II” by Talking Mountain | Stems

What was Bob Ross without his paint? A sad, cloudy day. The instruments of creativity are, well, instrumental in being creative. For some, the products of one project are the ingredients of another.

Talking Mountain offers just that: individual tracks to the band's song "The Abominable Abdominal Snowman Pts. I & II." With them, the band and Hear Nebraska encourage something new to be born from the not-so new. We'll keep it free, so no deadlines on remixes here.

Just upload whatever you make to our DropBox on SoundCloud when you're proud to share it: soundcloud.com/hearnebraska/dropbox/profile. Download the bundle of tracks here, or retrieve them individually from the top-right button in the player below. Talking Mountain plays The Zoo Bar with Vibenhai, Powerful Science and Bad Speler on Thursday starting at 9 .m.

Michael Todd is Hear Nebraska's managing editor. He thinks "Bones" could use some of those skulls' colors, but hey, it's still one of the best on television, right? Reach Michael at michaeltodd@hearnebraska.org.