String Theory at Bodega’s Alley

Solid rocket boosters, IGNITE!

– String Theory Music –
With performances at festivals such as 515 Alive Music Festival & Dancefestopia, as well as touring throughout the midwest and performing at notable venues throughout the region, foreward thinkers and cousins Matt Trapp & Patrick Bass are lighting a flame under their performances for 2017. Having large scale experience sharing the stage with names such as Figure, Protohype, & TroBoi, expect String Theory to craft this performance into an original, professional work of art.

With extensive stage production on hand, strap yourselves in as you’re launched into the realm of sound, with twists and turns that are swaddled around each musical note, leaving your mind to be the direct source of musical stimulation.

– JMNM –

– RealEyez –

$5 @ Door
10pm | 21+