Cloud Gavin with Within Wilds, Mint Wad Willy, Cordial Spew, Suburban Crisis and No Comply at The Hideout

Cloud Gavin is a midwestern progressive/indie-rock band from Danville, Illinois.

Music Michael Mind Review:

“Imagine a world where sub-genres ceased to exist; no more melodic hardcore, no more post-rock, no more progressive metal, no more prefix-anything. Many groups would be vulnerable to the possibility of dissolving into infinity if this proposed society came into existence, but it is safe to say that Cloud Gavin would be the first to go. Emerging from the ashes of burnoutbright and transplanted from Of Arizona, the Illinois-based group proves to be the definition of a musical melting pot in the most extreme sense of the term. From post-hardcore to progressive rock, their free debut LP Recycle and Create flaunts a plethora of influences that possess the ability to create something fantastic if blended just right.
Rather than wandering down the beaten path and opting for a gradual introduction, Cloud Gavin sets themselves apart from the pack right away with “i’m a hurricane, covered in gasoline.”. After a wonderfully noisy wall of sound kicks into gear, the instrumentals switch back and forth from crystal-clear guitar-work to climaxing drums with a hint of distortion. As the track moves on, vocalist Zach Hudson makes the most extensive statement of them all by showing off a diverse skill-set that ranges from nasally pop-punk singing to emotionally refined screams, all backed up with self-reflective lyrics that are well worth reading in to. Remember though, this is just one track; with so many elements seamlessly placed inside a stand-alone piece, what else could be hiding around the corner on Recycle and Create? Well, if one turns their attention to “i created a dream…or, at least it created me.

Within Wilds
Instrumental rock and roll (think Explosions In the Sky, Mogwai, Yes)]

Mint Wad Willy
amazing indie/folk/psychedelic/rock from Omaha

Cordial Spew
They played with the Punk rock greats in the late 80’s and took a twenty year break.. Now they are back and play hardcore/punk with a new line up! That enough explanation for you?

Suburban Crisis
Suburban Crisis is a Ska Punk band and was established July 2014 from Omaha, NE

No Comply
pop punk band from Omaha, NE

All Ages (under 18 must have notarized permission slip) – $7