Bien Fang, Siamese, Idlefox at O’Leaver’s

21+ $5
Bien Fang: Sludgy grunge pop band from Lincoln Nebraska
Siamese: Siamese is a glam rock band from Dallas, TX, who utilize sets, costuming and lighting to create a sometimes ominous, always opulent live show. It is comprised of members Paul Alonzo (bass), Paul Grass (drums), Nicole Marxen-Myers (vocals, synth, guitar), and Teddy Georgia Waggy (vocals, guitar), each of whom brings skills in carpentry, sewing, painting and film production, respectively, to create their sets and costumes.

Siamese: This year Siamese entered the studio to track their first record with producer Alex Bhore, and also premiered their second set design, a futuristic visual brew inspired by ectoplasm-shilling charlatans and 2001: A Space Odyssey. For their previous set, a floral arrangement nightmare, the members made over 2,000 paper flowers by hand, which drove them crazy and ended up being good inspiration for their psychotic funeral director alter egos. The band is currently touring the midwest, with their record to be released on March 3rd, 2017.