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Posted by bdef on Tue, 03/01/2011 - 3:13pm in billy defrain, new releases

by Billy DeFrain

Mike Watt, Edward Sharpe, The Eagles, and less original content than ever before!

Aaron Lewis | Town Line | Stroudavarious Records
The lead singer of Staind takes a whack at top-40 country. At least it’s only an EP.

Acrylics | Lives and Treasure | Hot Sand Recordings
This basically just sounds like The Breakfast Club soundtrack, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Alexander | Alexander | Vagrant
First solo release from Alex Ebert of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, which unsurprisingly, sounds exactly like Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes, which means it kinda sounds like songs that didn’t make it into Godspell.

Beady Eye | Different Gear, Still Speeding | Dangerbird Records
Oasis with 50 percent less Gallagher and the typical 1,000 percent of Beatles enfetishment.*

Billy Ray Cyrus | Icon | MCA Nashville
The Billy Ray best-of you can continue to wait indefinitely for!

Blood Ceremony | Living with the Ancients | Metal Blade
A Canadian throwback to metal of yore, when metal sounded like what the kids now call stoner rock. Lots of organ, lots of flute.

Cirque du Soleil |Totem | Cirque du Soleil Musique
Ever wanted to experience Cirque du Soleil, without all the hassle of watching acrobats mince about on stage in Starburst colored tights? If so, please send me $12.99.

Davila 666 | Tan Bajo | In the Red
Basically a Puerto Rican, Spanish-singing Eagles of Death Metal, which mostly works.

Devotchka | 100 Lovers | Epitaph
Will probably be in a Spike Jonze movie soundtrack sometime soon.

Dropkick Murphys | Going Out In Style | Born & Bred Records
Will this contain songs about drinking? I guess I’ll never know.

The Eagles | Like every shitty album they have is being reissued this week | A stupid label in Japan

Father Befouled | Morbid Destitution of the Covenant | Relapse Records
Father Befouled, so we had to roll down the windows in the van.

Forever the Sickest Kids | Forever the Sickest Kids | Universal/Motown
Destines for the skating rink only.

Frivolous |Meteorology | Cadenza Records
Shoe stores across the country are sent copies of this CD to make sure I will never buy shoes again.

Loretta Lynn |Icon | MCA Nashville
If you see anybody buying that Billy Ray Cyrus Icon compilation, club them over the head with it, steal their money, and use it to buy this instead. If you don’t like Loretta Lynn then I guess you’ve never heard this song:

Mike Watt | Hyphenated-Man | Original Recordings Group
Includes the songs “Stuffed-in-the-Drum-Man,” “Confused-Parts-Man,” and “Man-Shitting-Man.” Seriously.

Papercuts | Fading Parade |Sub Pop
I know this is New Releases, but I'll take any excuse, no matter how weak, to play "Future Primitive."

Rings of Saturn | Embryonic Anomaly | Unique Leader Records
Album art of the week winner!

Soul Clap | Social Experiment v2 | No. 19 Music
If really boring electronic music is a social experiment, I’d like to be in the control group that doesn’t get exposed to it.

Walter Parks | Walter Parks | Wildflower
I was really excited about this until I saw it was Walter Parks and not Water Parks. I mean, I put on my swimsuit and everything.

Various Artists | 100% Disco | Decadance UK Recordings Ltd
All your favorite disco hits you pretend not to remember on two convenient Compact Discs!

*Not a real word.