Why Blue Moon Ghetto Matters (Or Why Nikki Boulay Should Sing Backup on Every Song)

Posted by BradleyJdor on Sun, 06/12/2011 - 9:55pm

by Bradley J. Dorenkamp

Couple weeks ago I was at my Local Goodwill. I was going through the CDs when one popped out and hit me with a great surprise. There it was. The Holy Grail of Local Nebraska Music. The Self Titled CD of the Omaha, Nebraska 90's group Blue Moon Ghetto. Further Research on Amazon prices the disc at $123.50, but I got it for $2.99. Homer's Music Store in Nebraska priced the disc a couple years ago at $15 and that was used. Seem a lot for an album with only seven Tracks:

1)Serious and Proud
2)Sharpened Imaging Device
3)Shine All The Time
7)Tripped Right Over

So why so much money and love for this album. Being hard to find and out of print, the disc is a collector's item for anyone into the history of local Nebraska Music. Before Saddle Creek Records made bands break-out indie stars, this album is a track by track great start to a band that could have broke through. Track Number 3 is a song that I can play over and over and brings me to times a little more simple. In my opinion Amazon, it is priceless.

Here is a link to the song (Track 3) "Shine All The Time."

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