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Mars Black: "Everything I Do Is Hip-Hop" | Sessions

The lessons Mars Black learned as an Omaha rapper striving for national recognition were not free. They cost him time, money and self-esteem, but today they fashion a caretaker to Omaha rap, the one Black never had.

Envying Conor Oberst’s "Upside Down Mountain" | Guest Column

Two months prior to the national release of "Upside Down Mountain," Dan McCarthy (McCarthy Trenching) gives his early estimation of Conor Oberst's forthcoming album. Read on for his appreciation of the record.

"This Guitar" by David Dondero | On The Record

We review the latest collection of songs from Nebraskan emeritus and lauded folk songwriter David Dondero.

"Oh Nancy" by McCarthy Trenching | Love Drunk Video

Posted by Django G-S on Sun, 10/09/2011 - 12:50pm in love drunk, mccarthy trenching, slumber party records, team love records, video oh nancy

McCarthy Trenching performs "Oh Nancy" in the woods somewhere north of Omaha.