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Love Drunkard | The Scoop

Members of Conduits, Shaun Sparks and the Wounded Animals, South of Lincoln, The Kickback, Honey & Darling, The Machete Archive and others on shooting a video with the soberest man they know.

Gospel Punk with Spurs | The Scoop

Posted by Andrew Norman on Mon, 04/11/2011 - 12:59pm in barley street, durham, jason kutchma, jay kutchma, lincoln, music, nebraska, north carolina, omaha, red collar, The Scoop, tim barry

Durham, N.C. folker Jay Kutchma on pricing music as petrol, the art of zen touring and what you get when you combine an accordion with a vacuum cleaner.

Building a Better Region | The Scoop

The Midwest is the country's core. Let's make its heart beat. Here's HN editor Andrew Norman's plan.

Nebraska's Music Message | The Scoop

What would you want a journalist to understand, cover and communicate to a national audience about our music scene? (Plus, video interviews galore.)

Smashed by Southwest | The Scoop

Bright Eyes plays to 20,000 and a super moon, and Deer Tick channels Nirvana on SXSW's final night. Plus, Rural Alberta Advantage, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Drag the River.

The Scoop: Day 3 | NE at SXSW

Video interviews: David Dondero talks Mousetrap and his Nebraska connection; Midwest Dilemma's Justin Lamoureux on representing the state in Austin, and his SPEED! Nebraska hat. And Screeching Weasel starts a fight.

The Scoop: Day 2 | NE at SXSW

Posted by Andrew Norman on Fri, 03/18/2011 - 3:16pm in orion walsh, SXSW, The Scoop, the strange boys, those darlins

Nebraska busks Austin; indie-folk Matrimony from N.C.; Modest Mouse channeled by Galifianakis's doppelgänger and The Strange Boys.

The Scoop: Day 1 | NE at SXSW

Posted by Andrew Norman on Thu, 03/17/2011 - 2:33pm in austin, dale earnhardt jr. jr., mue sephei, satchel grande, smokin' joe kubek, SXSW, the kickback, The Scoop

Hometown boys Satchel Grande make us proud, and The Kickback throw 11.

The Vault | The Scoop

Long before Fred Armisen played President Barack Obama on “Saturday Night Live,” he played drums at Lincoln's Le Cafe Shake. 

Chasing Polka | The Scoop

Posted by Andrew Norman on Mon, 03/07/2011 - 12:12pm in amy schmidt, bolzen beer band, dean the bible, nebraska, orion walsh, polka, The Scoop, wilber

In heaven, there is no beer — that's why we're drinkin' it in Wilber, Neb.