Promotion: Staying Classy and Shooting to Kill | HN DIY

Posted by HN staff on Wed, 04/18/2012 - 10:27am in cay combs, column, flyering, hn diy, nebraska, nerdtron, postering

Cay Combs hits the streets hard with Nerdtron Studios. Here, he shares his advice on how to promote efficiently and successfully.

Nerdtron & Future Event Dandies | DJDD

Posted by Brent Crampton on Thu, 03/31/2011 - 10:43am in bar 415, brent crampton, dj, DJDD, j-wreck, kobrakyle, Masaris, nerdtron, nomad lounge, panos, Slowdown, spence

Brent Crampton covers last weekend's Nerdtron/Re:Animated event, plus upcoming events in this week's DJDD column.

Broken Elevator + Enso Dandies | DJDD

Posted by Brent Crampton on Wed, 03/02/2011 - 12:05pm in DJDD, enso, gunk, kid-dynamite, loom, nerdtron

A recap on the recent record-breaking Nerdtron, a Q&A with Enso, and upcoming events.

Growing Pain Diatribes & Nerdy Dandies | DJDD

Posted by Brent Crampton on Wed, 02/23/2011 - 6:21pm in diatribe & dandies, DJDD, gunk, kid dynamite, kobrakyle, loom, nerdtron, nomad lounge, spence, waiting room

A look into a record-breaking weekend for Omaha's dance community, plus an interview with Nerdtron founder, Cay Combs.