Miles Mayer

Quite possibly the most talented musician in the world if the world were composed of mostly non-musician types.


I began playing when I was very young. My mother was very musical and it influenced me greatly. She even taught me a few chords on her grandfather's old guitar. My first real electric guitar was a gift from my father, and from then on I began to compose my own music. Throughout my teenage years I struggled with life like so many other kids, and that came out through my songs. I played rock, metal, hardcore, and instrumental music with others and started a lot of cruddy teenage bands, When it came to me on my own however, my music moved closer to more experimental and emotional genres. Most of what I wrote about were things I was feeling, rather than telling stories or writing about world issues. Everyone has struggles in life, and what often gets me through those struggles is writing what I'm feeling. Although my music often seems dark, writing it is a positive thing in my life. Taking something negative and making it useful in some way is rewarding. Hopefully something I write will be rewarding to others as well.